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Chelsea Tractors Go Missing!

Parking is not always easy, and sometimes we are forced to leave our vehicles in side roads in dodgy areas, with an air of mystery created by non-existent lighting and large amounts of litter scattered around. You wonder if you will ever see your car again.....

Strangely enough, most cars go missing in areas which are classed as 'posh' – proving perhaps that crime is indeed on the rise, but not in the way we think! A survey in London shows that the areas you would probably choose to leave your vehicle are actually the ones where you may come back to a vacant space!

If you visit friends or the many restaurants in Chelsea – beware: this has the highest number of vehicle thefts in London! If you leave your car in Belgravia, there is a very good chance it will be broken into, as this area holds the top spot for vehicles being broken into. Thieves are working on the premise that if the car is parked in such an affluent area, then there must be rich pickings inside – it also proves that thieves are travelling some distance to reach their targets, too.

High end vehicles are often stolen to order, so it makes sense to target areas where there are lots of 'posh' cars to meet the needs of the thieves. So if you live in a salubrious area, it is just as important to make sure your insurance cover is as comprehensive as if you live 'on the wrong side of town'.

Finsbury Park, West Kensington and Vauxhall all came high on the list of areas where cars are likely to be vandalised and have items stolen from them. East Ham, Banstead and Dagenham are all areas where your car is quite likely to go home with a different driver! Whilst cars being stolen to order is a crime which is increasing at an alarming rate, joy-riders and children out to cause mayhem also adds to the numbers of missing and vandalised vehicles.

What can you do? Make sure that your insurance is as comprehensive as possible. Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and get some good, solid advice. They can take into account your postcode, the places which you most often travel too and provide insurance to give you comfort should the crimes which you fear the most happen to you.

What Westhill Insurance Services cannot do is find you a parking space in London! First you need to park your vehicle to have it stolen, but for those who live in the area, it is a crime on the increase – and one which causes untold inconvenience and distress. So take good advice, keep your car – and your possessions - insured wherever you live!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 1st March, 2011