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When Honesty is the Best Policy!

It appears that thousands of motorists are putting their insurance cover at risk by providing false information to their insurance provider in the hopes of securing lower premiums.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has warned that people who fail to disclose important facts - such as motoring convictions - risk invalidating their insurance. Telling 'fibs' or 'white lies' can get you in serious trouble, and simply is not worth the effort. If you are caught out, your insurers may refuse to pay out if you have a claim, you could face a criminal conviction - and you will certainly find it harder and more expensive to get insurance and other financial products in the future.

Despite the potential penalties, research has found that the majority of drivers would consider stretching the truth to get a cheaper premium. Around 53% of 2,608 people quizzed by YouGov think it is acceptable, or borderline acceptable behaviour for a parent to insure a vehicle in their own name, even though their son or daughter is the main driver - this is known as 'fronting'.

One in five drivers would not rule out exaggerating the number of years since they had claimed on an insurance policy to bring down their premiums, whilst 12% admitted they would be tempted not to disclose relevant motoring convictions. A further one in ten drivers said they would not rule out changing details, such as their age, address or occupation if it enabled them to get cheaper cover.

However, the bottom line is that saving dishonestly on your premiums could cost you dearly and will prove a false economy in the long run. Not being honest with your insurer could lead to you driving illegally and leave you with crippling financial bills if you are involved in an accident: you will also stack up a lot of problems for the future.

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Sometimes honesty really is the best policy!

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Posted on 14th February, 2011