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Cupid, pull back your bow!

Valentine is nearly upon us. But what on earth do you buy for that special person? Here are a few examples of the weird and wonderful gifts people have actually received, and a few comments as to why they may not have been the perfect choice:

A can of Febreze
What was the message here? I can't afford perfume – or you have a problem?!

Dead Flowers
No excuse for this one! Either they came from the petrol station forecourt or he stole them – either way, not a nice present at all.

A giant naked photo of the person giving the present
Now is this funny, or just plain weird? Also – who took the photo?

A night out in KFC
KFC? Plenty of thought taken then (not)?

A Gucci Bag – a fake, Gucci bag
No, no, no! If you are into designer bags, you wouldn't be seen dead with a fake. Please buy handbags whose handles don't fall off and the seams come undone!

A Wheelbarrow – for a wife
Why? What part of romantic do you not understand? The lady could be forgiven for using this to dump the body with maybe?

A box of chocolates – an empty box of chocolates
A fault in the factory perhaps? "I bumped into someone about to go into a coma and needing sugar – they ate the lot"? No, sorry – no excuses for this one!

However, no matter the gift, it is the thought that counts! If, by chance, you are lucky enough to have a true (and wealthy) romantic partner and you are presented with an expensive trinket, do remember to make sure it is covered by insurance. We don't mean to spoil the moment, but when you next have a chance, look at your insurance policy and see if you need to call your insurance company to add your present to your policy. Call Westhill Insurance Services if you are in doubt, and they can advise you if you need to take steps to protect your new gift. If the worst happens and it is stolen – or lost – you will still have your memories, but with the correct insurance you will be able to replace, in kind, the token of love you have received. Who says romance id dead?

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Posted on 11th February, 2011