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Knocking on the door of number 243

They say there is research into everything, and now we have a piece of research which has found that the unluckiest door number in Britain is...... 243! So if you live at number 13, you can breathe a sigh of relief – you are well down the list!

Residents of houses numbered 243 have made more claims on their home insurance than those with any other door number. Around 45% have made a claim since January 2007.

Strangely, seven of the door numbers in the top 10 'unluckiest' are in the two hundreds – with 201, 217, 218, 221, 240 and 241 all appearing in the league table of houses most likely to make a home insurance claim. Low numbers fare better – No 1 came in third place and number 13 at 182.

Theft accounts for almost 4% of home insurance claims, but the majority comes from accidental loss and damage in the home, suggesting those with a house number in the early 200's could be among the most accident-prone residents in the UK. Insurance claims peak just after Christmas. This can be because there are more people in the house than usual which leads to more breakages and accidental damage – and it would seem houses numbered 243 enjoy a party more than others! Some figures indicate that insurers paid out £820 million last year as a result of claims relating to entertaining at home – a huge amount!

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Just for the record, the top ten popular house numbers where claims are concerned are:

Position Door Number % of homes which have made a home insurance claim since Jan 2007
1 243 44.76%
2 201 36.60%
3 1 34.26%
4 190 25.80%
5 240 24.00%
6 241 22.66%
7 221 22.35%
8 217 22.04%
9 218 21.79%
10 1221 21.73%

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Posted on 29th January, 2011