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Bigger Excess = Smaller Bill? Not anymore!

There are some things you just take for granted when it comes to car insurance: Put your teenage children on your insurance and you will probably pay a sum equal to the national debt of a small sized nation! Leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition in the middle of a crime-ridden area (or anywhere) and your insurance company will not be happy to pay out when it is nicked! To bring down your premiums you simply hike-up the excess you'll have to pay on every claim..........not any more, you won't!

Recent research compared several car insurance premiums and found that upping the excess can sometimes make insurance more expensive. In some ways, this appears to fly in the face of logic as if you cover the first £200 of any claim instead of £100, then surely your insurer will pick up less of the tab – but in the strange world of insurance, this doesn't always seem to be the case!

In most cases which were examined, the increase in excess didn't make any difference (and in some cases actually pushed up the premium!). In one instance, increasing the excess from £350 to £550 lead to an 8% increase.

Insurers will tell you that it depends on the other risks you pose and whether they fundamentally consider you a good or a bad risk. If they aren't particularly keen to win your business, you'll be quoted a high premium and so even bumping up your excess won't help you much.

Comparison sites can lead you up the garden path where excesses are concerned because they don't always take into account other influencing factors. You really cannot take anything for granted.

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Posted on 29th January, 2011