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Flood Warnings – Current information and advice

Well, here we are in January with the floods we seem to have come to expect now. Internationally the situation is terrifying and horrendous, so we have much to be grateful for, but we do need to take action to protect ourselves from our smaller scale disasters

There were nine flood warnings issued yesterday – from Wales to the North East, the South West and the Midlands. There were also 75 flood alerts. The forecasts are predicting that the next few days could see twice as much rainfall as we've had in January so far – and goodness knows, we have seen enough rain!

The warnings are expected to remain in place until the beginning of next week, and as the torrential rainfall continues, there is a risk that problems may intensify. The Environmental Agency say that rivers are currently reacting to overnight rainfall and levels are relatively high. The ground is approaching saturation point and further flood warnings appear inevitable. The Environmental Agency remains on 24 hours alert with their teams monitoring river levels, checking flood defences and clearing river blockages.

What to do if a flood alert is issued near you:

Most people think in terms of protecting their sentimental items – photographs etc. Whilst this is commendable and very necessary to your peace of mind and also a huge comfort, try and take a pragmatic view too. Remember that you need your computer – it is not a luxury – it contains everything from family photographs to your address book, diary and often vital documents. Make sure it is properly backed-up and that the backup is kept in a safe (dry) place. Pay special attention to your mobile phone – you will need it to call family and friends in case of problems – and your insurers too. Make sure all your important numbers are stored on your phone. Take care with your charger, make sure you always know where it is and that this too is kept dry and safe. If mainland phones and electricity is lost, you will need your phone – so make sure you keep it fully charged, just in case.

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Posted on 17th January, 2011