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Driving Down the Cost of Car Insurance

It is a sign of the times and, just like everything else, car insurance is going up and up. Research indicates that the biggest rises are for those in the 41-55 age bracket on comprehensive policies and parents - if they have their children on their policy. Where you live also affects the amount of the rise – those in Manchester and Merseyside, Inner London and Northern Ireland experienced the largest regional increases for comprehensive policies. Amazingly, the worst hit cars were family favourites such as 5 door hatchbacks whilst prestige vehicles fared much better.

Price rises are inevitable – there are still those who drive without insurance and cost the rest of honest drivers around an increased £30 each year. With fuel continuing to rise and the cost of car insurance doing the same, we offer you the following ten tips to keep down the cost of your insurance.

> Consider where you park. If you can keep your car off the road you stand to save

> Fit a security device – an alarm or immobiliser will cut your costs

> Cut your mileage. Low mileage drivers get cheaper insurance

> Think about changing your car. The cost of insurance is affected by the type of car, engine size and value. If you can compromise on any of these you can get cheaper cover

> Consider adding someone with a good driving record to your insurance – this can actually bring down costs

> Be careful! A no claims bonus can bring your costs down dramatically so try and avoid the sort of things which can give rise to a claim

> Slow down. Speeding means points on your license and these eventually add costs

> Third party insurance can actually be more expensive that comprehensive insurance so don't assume lesser cover always costs you less!

> If at all possible, pay your premium in one lump – monthly terms usually add extra costs to your overall payments

> Talk to an expert. Comparison sites are not always the answer because they do not make clear the things for which you are NOT insured!

It is worth checking with an expert – go to Westhill Insurance Services who can provide you with honest and sensible advice as to the best policy to meet your needs. Don't take chances and don't cut corners, look for the best deals by all means, but be guided by experts and see your insurance costs go down – not up!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 14th January, 2011