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Eating, drinking, texting – all dangerous distractions

What would you class as being dangerous behaviour when you are driving? Closing your eyes maybe? Well, nearly two-thirds of British drivers who took part in a poll admitted to having engaged in some form of potentially dangerous activity whilst driving in the previous month – this can range from eating and drinking to wearing flip flops, or no shoes at all. Yes, we British are a strange lot!

Eating and drinking whilst driving is the most common dangerous habit – with around 30% of motorists admitting to this. This is followed by driving whilst tired (around 28% confessed to this) and driving wearing flip-flops or no shoes – which has increased from 14% last year to 18% this year (what does that say about us?) 16% of drivers admitted to 'excessive speeding' (but we don't know if they wore shoes or not!)

Mobile phones are still a cause of dangerous driving – one in nine motorists admitted to using a non-hands free phone whilst driving and 6% actually admitted to sending text messages whilst driving. 11% of motorists in the survey said they did drive 'the morning after the night before' and 6% said they drove after drinking alcohol.

Around 8% of drivers said they had driven without a seat belt in the month before they were questioned – and the same number said they had read a map whilst driving. The number of drivers admitting to road rage has increased from 4% last year to 6% this year. Enraged at seeing all these people eating, drinking and reading maps whilst behind the wheel, perhaps?

Some people appear to become very complacent when behind the wheel and over-confident drivers can overstep the mark sometimes, driving in a manner which can endanger themselves and other road users. The message really is to drive – just drive! Don't do anything which may distract you, even for a second, and stay alert at all times. It appears that some 10.3 million men drove dangerously over the last month – compared with 8.7 of women. If you drive in Greater London you appear to be better behaved that those in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber. If you hail from these areas, 72% of drivers engaged in a potentially dangerous act whilst driving – in Greater London the number was 54%, reflecting maybe that people in the south wear shoes more often?

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Posted on 2nd January, 2011