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Frosty the Snowman

Can you believe it, now that the snow is around and about (and possibly to stay until we warm up sometime in mid-May!) there is a spate of what the Police refer to as “frosting”?. No, this is not a happy little snow man gliding past and sprinkling sparkly Christmas-card type snow around the place - it is actually opportunist thieves who decide to steal from you whilst you de-ice your car. Not very jolly and not very seasonal!

Figures suggest that in the past five years as many as 461,000 people may have fallen victim to frosting thieves – which averages out at 92,000 people a year. Furthermore, more than one in five victims of frosting did not get their car back when it was stolen. Yes, that's right – the thieves don't just take items from out of the car – they take the car as well!

The lesson to be learnt here is NOT to leave your car running whilst you pop back indoors for a while. It may be tempting to leave the car to de-ice and warm up – but if you do this and your car (or items from the car) are stolen, then you are probably not insured. You have a duty to protect your belongings (including your car) and leaving the key in the ignition whilst the vehicle is unattended is as good as issuing an invitation to any passing thief.

Make sure that you stay with your car whilst the engine is running, and don't be tempted to pop back indoors for a quick cuppa. Check that your vehicle is properly insured and also that you have good contents insurance – then if something should happen, you know you are covered. Sadly this won't, in all likelihood, include “frosting” - but if you do suffer at the hands of a car thief or have items stolen from your vehicle through no fault of your own, it is re-assuring to know you have insurance in place.

Talk to Westhill Insurance Services – they can give you good, professional advice regarding all types of insurance and can help you through the insurance maze. You do need to protect yourself from all thieves and sadly just being vigilant is not always enough – so make sure you aren't left out in the cold should you become a victim of theft.

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Posted on 30th December, 2010