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Investors go prestigious vehicle mad

Times are hard, but there is an increase in the number of lucky people who have four or more top-end cars in their garages. Porsche topped the list of this year's most popular prestige cars for insurance quotes with Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Jaguar making up the top-five prestigious car list.

It may be that the rise in popularity of prestige vehicles is due to the fact that, in the current economic climate, investors like to find new ways of investing their money. Collectable cars generally hold their resale value (unlike less prestigious vehicles) and some cars have changed hands for millions of pounds. However, like treasured pieces of art, these vehicles are more cared for than a mere form of transport and their owners often employ staff to take care of them and keep them in mint condition – most cars bought for investment do little mileage – even 5,000 miles per year is above average for an investment piece.

However, to get a foot on the rung of the vehicle ladder is not easy. You would have to pay around £120,453 for a Porsche 911 like David Beckham's. Wayne Rooney's Bentley Continental will set you back around £153,400 – and if you want to push the boat out, then an Aston Martin DBS, as made famous by James Bond, comes in at £170,500. A Ferrari 599, as driven by Chris Evans, is in the region of £207,075 – which makes a Jaguar XK Coupe a real snip at just £69,900. If you fancy a Mercedes you could consider the SLS Coupe at a cool £157,500.

The top ten prestige cars
- Porsche
- Bentley
- Aston Martin
- Ferrari
- Jaguar
- Mercedes
- Range Rover
- Maserati
- Lamborghini
- Rolls Royce
- No Fiat Panda or Smart car in there then!

No matter what vehicle you have, you need to make sure you have the right insurance to suit your needs. If you are moth-balling a car you need a special insurance – and if you are driving around the M25 every day you need the right type of insurance for that, too! Make sure you talk to a professional company who can explain the options available and make sure you get the policy which does justice to your vehicle. Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and take their advice – it's good, pragmatic and down to earth. It is fun to dream of owning a prestige car, but make sure you don't encounter a nightmare by having the wrong type of insurance for your real car. You don't want to come down to earth with a bump –but if you do, you'll know you're insured!

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Posted on 23rd December, 2010