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Don't let burglars spoil your Festivities

Well, guess what? It's that time of year again – and while we are recovering from the excesses of the Festive Season, criminals all over the country will be busy, busy busy! New figures out today show that homes are 22% more likely to be broken into on 31st December than on an average day.

But what exactly is on the burglars' shopping list this year? Last year they seemed to prefer laptops (especially Toshiba and Compaq brands), and this year they will no doubt be pleased to help themselves to laptops once more, if available. However, it is predicted this year that Nintendo Wii consoles are going to be Number One on burglars' shopping lists. Other items they will be including are expected to be iPhone 4s, Samsung 40" TVs, Sony PS3s, digital cameras and Apple iPads. Even if you don't have any of these under your Christmas tree, it worth making sure your home security is in excellent order before the festivities begin. You would be amazed at how many burglaries are opportunist, with burglars sauntering in through unlocked doors or windows!

If you have a decent home insurance package and the worst does happen, you should be protected against material losses. However, for many people the anxiety, upset and shock they experience after a burglary are more damaging than financial loss. This means that prevention is so much better than cure......

Here are a few tips to help keep your home safe:

> Don't make your home look like a shop window by leaving presents under the tree. Keep them out of sight until the big day. Attics and lofts are a popular place to store gifts from little prying eye and fingers (and in this case we mean little folk, not burglars!).

> Ensure all gift packaging is an unidentifiable as possible when you throw it out. It's easy to dump a new TV or IPod box in your bin – which is a wonderful beacon of advertising to opportunistic thieves.

> On New Year's Eve double check your home security if you are going out. Ensure all doors, windows, sheds and garages are locked securely – and keep the spare key out of view.

> Leave lights and/or a radio on when you are out and about, this gives the illusion the house is occupied.

> Don't leave spare keys where they can be seen from your front door – it is easy to use a wire hook through a letter box and take these.

If you have any worries or concerns about your home insurance and you want to talk to an expert, give Westhill Insurance Services a call. If you know that your home insurance is in good shape you will have one thing less to worry about at this Season of Goodwill.

Merry Christmas!

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Posted on 23rd December, 2010