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Pipes - not Spring - are bursting out all over

Insurers have warned that payouts for burst pipes could exceed £650 million this winter as the UK continues to be gripped by freezing temperatures. Last year the industry paid out £644 million to homeowners and businesses to cover the cost of damage caused by water that had escaped from burst pipes last year – and this year the expectation is that this will increase.

Everyone needs to take simple steps to try to protect their property, including ensuring their loft water pipes and water tanks are sufficiently insulated. If the property is empty, make sure there is some form of heating to maintain an ambient temperature.

Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and get good, sensible advice as to how to protect your property from the freezing winter weather. Businesses can be badly disrupted through the damage that burst water pipes can cause – and homes can be very badly damaged indeed.

Research indicates that last year one in twenty households suffered winter-related damage and the average repair bill was around £574. So far, the big freeze has meant a lot of extra work for British Gas. People are always caught out by the cold snaps which appear, but it pays to have boilers and central heating systems serviced and maintained in readiness. (British Gas' top tip is to make sure you bleed your radiators as this makes sure they work efficiently and properly).

With such an early start to the bitter cold, we need all the help we can get! So talk to Westhill Insurance Services to make sure Jack Frost doesn't bite you. If he does, with the right insurance in place, you can have your burst pipes and other disasters put right in a flash. Stay warm, stay safe – and stay insured because you never know when those arctic winds will blow!

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Posted on 21st December, 2010