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From Burglar to Guardian Angel

If you want good advice, ask an expert! A former burglar turned security advisor offers some tips for keeping your home safe during the Festive Season. It is a shame we even have to consider such things, but prevention is better than cure. Our expert offers these tips:

Don't leave your keys in obvious hiding places – under a pot or the nearest garden gnome, for instance – or under the mat or on a string through the letter box (yes, people do actually do that!)

Make sure hedges at the front of your property are kept low – otherwise they provide a handy hanging around and waiting area for thieves.

Paint your drainpipes with anti-climb paint and install motion-sensitive security lights around the exterior of the property – Mr Burglar does not want the spotlight of infamy to land on him!

Install a burglar alarm – preferably one with a brightly coloured box and put this where it can be easily seen.

Lock away garden tools and furniture – these can help the thief to break in.

Shred confidential paperwork before you dispose of it – and put the packaging from gifts in a covered bin.

Take updated photos of your home interior, these are useful for the insurance companies in identifying your contents.

Make sure suitcases are stored in the loft, they are useful for carrying away swag!

Don't put all your presents in one place, spread them around – and don't put them under the tree until the very last moment.

Make sure you have a good insurance policy to protect yourself should the dreaded break-in occur.

It is worth remembering that your new presents may not automatically be covered by your existing home insurance policy, so it is worth checking. Talk with Westhill Insurance Services who can offer sensible advice as to how to make sure it's Father Christmas who pops down your chimney and not some ne'er do good! A few simple steps can ensure your Christmas is seasonal and jolly – and that the only miserable person around will be Billy Burglar.

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Posted on 20th December, 2010