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Foul play sees turkeys tagged

It is the season of goodwill – unless you are a thief and you want a turkey for Christmas. These fowl are literally flying off the shelves (well, being carried off) as turkey theft rises in supermarkets. Whether as a result of the tough times people are having, or thieves having identified yet another item they can easily sell on, supermarkets are now hitting back to stop the tide of turkey theft. They are now putting electronic security tags on their birds – which somehow brings to mind young offenders!

Turkeys and turkey crowns can cost more than £30 – so shops don't want to lose these to theft: you know, the people who walk out of shops with one accidentally stuffed in their handbag! However, the electronic tags which now adorn the turkey's thigh should put a stop to this activity. Stores have up-graded the type of tag they use – these are very small, only the size of a grain of sand, so no one will know they are there – until of course they set off the barrier alarm!

The dramatic rise in food inflation over the last twelve months and which saw supermarket prices rising by 4.4% in October may partially explain why turkey theft is so prevalent. A recent study by a leading security firm found that over 500,000 people admit to contemplating foul play this December, with over half a million people admitting they would steal a turkey from a shop if the opportunity arose!

The tops ten items on a Christmas thieves' wish list are:
- Present for friends and family
- Chocolate and sweets
- Turkey
- Christmas pudding
- Other Christmas meats such as goose, duck, venison
- Christmas crackers
- Christmas decorations and lights
- Christmas condiments – cranberry or white sauce etc
- Christmas tree
- Vegetables

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Posted on 22nd November, 2010