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Roadside Romance – Flirting with Danger

According to new research, more than four in ten British motorists flirt with other road users whilst driving. Flirting behind the wheel is no joke though, with some 15% of drivers crashing or having a near miss after being distracted by someone they find attractive.

The figures also reveal that men are more likely to flirt whilst driving. Of the 3,000 people quizzed, it was discovered that three times as many men as women admit to flirting with other drivers on a daily basis. In fact, almost half the men questioned admitted to using a smile or a cheeky glance to attract the attention of road users they fancied.

Men are also more likely to beep their horn at people they fancy, whereas women are more likely to simply give the object of their attention just a smile. Somewhat unsurprisingly, men are more likely to use these tactics if they are driving a nice car!

Just over a quarter of men believe that a car can make them more attractive to women, whilst six percent choose their car make and model with a view to it making them more appealing to the opposite sex. Unfortunately for them, only 18% of women agree that they would be more attracted to a man with a posh car.

One advantage for women drivers is that more than six in ten male motorists admit to behaving more courteously to women drivers. However, the downside has to be that they are more likely to crash as a result of losing control. A high price to pay for chivalry! A staggering three times more men than women have actually crashed their car because they have been distracted by a good looking lady.

Regionally, motorists in Wales are the biggest in—car flirts and motorists in East Anglia are the most likely to beep their horn at someone they fancy. However, it is drivers in the West Midlands who have had the most crashes as a result of being distracted by someone attractive. So it would seem that driving is not just a means of getting from A to B, it is yet another means of finding some romance!

However, it pays to remember that in-car flirting is not risk free and, as the statistics show, many fall foul of the practice. Drivers need to be mindful not to let the handsome man or pretty woman in the car next to them take their mind of the road ahead. If you do have a bump as a result of being distracted you will need to know you are properly insured. Call Westhill Insurance Services and see how their car insurance can save you money. They can't guarantee to sort out your romance, but if you do have an accident whilst in pursuit of the man or woman of your dreams, at least you know the damage to your car will be sorted out - broken hearts may take longer!

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Posted on 5th November, 2010