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Mischief Week

So, Halloween is over but we still have a while to go before things quieten down. For some people it is all tricks and no treats in the week between Halloween and Guy Fawkes' night. Almost a quarter of us have fallen victim to 'mischief week', according to research.

The 11.3 million people who suffered damage to their homes – caused by eggs being thrown, firecrackers posted through letterboxes and stray fireworks – have all faced average bills of £324.00 in repair bills.

Those living in the north west of England are most at risk of property damage during 'mischief week' – with 31% of residents having already fallen victim to vandalism in previous years. In contract, the people of Scotland are least likely to suffer at the hands of tricksters and experience such vandalism.

If you live in London, statistics indicate that you will have the highest bills to pay. The approximate value of damage to Londoners' home is valued at a huge £457 – twice as much as those living in the East Midlands, where the average cost of damage to their home is £228.

Some 5.9 million Britons (that's 12%!) have had eggs thrown at their home, 6% have suffered damage to their garden – and 3% have had their property damaged through stray fireworks. A further 3% have fallen victim to property damage from sparklers or fireworks – and the same percentage have suffered having items put through their letterbox – often alight! You can't help but wonder what Guy Fawkes would make of all this...........

Another 2% have their windows broken – the same percentage who have graffiti scrawled on their home. The worst statistic has to be the 2% of Britons who are violently attacked by people using fireworks as weapons. Who said the world has not gone mad?

It is a sad indictment of the times that many communities live in fear for a week which should, in theory, be happy and jolly. Many communities are sadly subjected to anti-social and violent behaviour. Not only is there the risk of damage to property and people, but with so many people out and about trying to enjoy the firework spectaculars, the burglars view this as an excellent time to enter people's homes!

It pays to make sure the main entrance to your home is secure during this period of madness and ensure the property looks occupied, even if it isn't. For peace of mind make sure you have a comprehensive home insurance policy in place to protect your property and possessions.

Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and get some sensible and professional advice. Your home is your refuge in this mad world, so keep it protected and safe. A good, solid insurance policy will not only provide peace of mind, it will give you a sense of security and is a very sensible way to deal with the mayhem the tricksters and burglars cause.

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Posted on 5th November, 2010