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On the Box or in the Box, the Clue is in the Packaging

Packaging, it is said, is the curse of the century. However, how much notice do you pay to what you throw away? Consider this not so much from the 'green' perspective, but from the angle that everything you throw out advertises what you have bought!

This came to light with the recent surge in the sales of televisions prior to the football world cup. Around 23% of households upgraded their televisions in time for the event – and many left the huge boxes in which the televisions were packaged outside their houses! By leaving the packaging in clear view of one and all, you may be telling the neighbours you have the latest state-of-the-art home entertainment system, but at the same time you are also telling burglars you have a lovely new piece of technology just waiting to be 'moved'!

Householders are therefore unwittingly making public their recent purchases and could increase the chances of a break-in. If you do have a costly item which comes in branded packaging, break this down and place in your recycling bin, out of sight. Alternatively take it to the local recycling point and dispose of it there. It is a sad indictment of the times that these things have to be considered, but statistics prove that professional burglars watch for key-pointers of where to target. After all, there is no point in breaking in somewhere where there is nothing worth stealing!

Bear this advice in mind too at Christmas time when expensive toys and gadget abound. It really is horrible to think that someone could prey on people – and get the information to do so from simple packaging, so make every effort to dispose of branded packaging.

Burglary and theft pushes up the cost of insurance premiums every year. You can, however, protect yourself and if you follow the basics, you can find this reflected in the level of premium you pay for your home contents insurance. Speak with expert advisors, call Westhill Insurance Services and tell them your concerns about any vulnerable areas of your property and the items you wish to secure. Make sure that when it comes to watching your favourite TV programme your television is still where you left it. Should it have been removed, with proper insurance in place you can at least look forward to a replacement being available: we may say there is never much on the telly, but it's amazing how you miss it when it isn't there!

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Posted on 28th October, 2010