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Oh dear! We knew it – some people just are hopeless at DIY! House-proud Britons spent £235 million putting right DIY disasters in the last year alone, new research indicates. That adds up to an awful lot of mistakes! As many as one in ten DIY enthusiasts has had to pay out up to £500 to make good their blunders in the last twelve months.

It works out that in almost 5 million households in the UK someone made a mess of at least some of the decorating, plastering, plumbing and other DIY jobs they undertook over the last year. Of those, around half admitted paying anywhere up to £500 to rectify their mistakes!

People view DIY as being a way of saving money whilst maximising their property's potential. DIY may seem like an easy way to save money, but it only works if you are competent to carry out the work – otherwise you spend a great deal putting right your mistakes! Research shows that your chances of being good at DIY can depend on where you live....

If you are based in Scotland, then the chances are your DIY skills are good. More than 85% of Scots who took on repairs and improvements around the home managed to do so successfully and without recourse to calling in the experts for remedial works. However, if you live in London – well, you could have a problem! Londoners are the worst in the country with almost one third botching a DIY job in the past twelve months to such an extent that they have to call in an expert. Never mind – to balance it out, from 2000 UK residents surveyed, a quarter said their DIY disasters had made them wish they had never undertake the work in the first place.

They say a good man knows his limitations. If you are in any doubt as to your capability to see through a project to a successful conclusion, then seek the advice of a professional. It is better to wait a while and have the job done properly than to waste your time and cash trying to deal with something yourself – only then having to pay out more to have it put right.

Remember also, that any significant improvements to your property can affect your insurance. So speak to an expert and get the right advice. Call Westhill Insurance Services for guidance as to how any changes to your property can impact on your insurance – if you are making the most of your property you may need to give your insurance a bit of a make-over at the same time.

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Posted on 22nd October, 2010