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Why Would an Insurance Company Void My Home Insurance?

Home insurance is the type of insurance that has many reasons as to why it can be voided. With Home Insurance it is normal nowadays for insurance companies to provide what is referred to as 'New for Old' policies – meaning that an old item, perhaps one which is damaged or has simply given up due to old age, will be replaced by a new item of similar specification. However, there are exceptions as to why the insurance company may not pay out. For example:

> The insurance company feels the item being claimed for may have been damaged deliberately
> The insurance company may not be satisfied with the receipts for the goods
> The insurance company's loss adjuster is not happy with the scene of a flood or fire
> There is doubt in a fire offer's mind as to the legitimacy of a flood or fire
> If there has been an unusually high number of claims made on a policy
> Under-insurance, where the total value of contents has been under stated

Home Insurance (also called Contents Insurance) is a relatively simple insurance to take out. However, you need to bear in mind all that you wish to include and to be aware of any exclusions or special clauses within the policy. Beware the on-line insurance services which do not offer a bespoke service and do not allow you to discuss your requirements or to discuss any worries you may have. Take advice from an expert – call Westhill Insurance Services and speak with someone who will take the time to listen to any concerns you may have and offer the insurance policy perfect for you. This need not work out any more expensive than the so-called direct on-line providers, and you will have the comfort of knowing you have done all in your power to protect your belongings.

You choose your belongings with care, so why not take the best possible care when choosing your insurance – get expert advice and keep your property safe.

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 20th October, 2010