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Landlords – How to attract a new trend of tenant

Landlords – How to attract a new trend of tenant

More and more people are leaving behind the stressful and expensive commute to work in order to work from home. This has led to the home office becoming as important for many tenants as central heating and off-road parking. The chaotic kitchen table just won't hack it for home workers anymore and landlords need to pay heed to this growing demographic.

If you haven't the space to dedicate a whole room to a home office, then use an area such as an alcove, bay window or space under the stairs to create a space which can be easily adapted to become a mini-office with room for a desk and some storage. If you offer the property furnished, be flexible about providing office equipment as this can sway potential tenants when deciding between properties.

People working from home require connections with the outside world, so be sure to install adequate phone and electrical sockets in the dedicated office area. This allows for easy installation of computers, telephones, internet and perhaps fax.

As with the rest of the property, calm neutral decor will be more likely to attract tenants – and they can personalise their space with their own accessories. Consider lighting when deciding where to create an office space as a good light source is vital. Close to a window to benefit from natural light is ideal, otherwise install a low intensity artificial light.

If you have an outside room, such as a shed, summer house or garage, consider converting this into a designated home office. You will need to spend money to make sure the property is properly insulated and connected to mains electricity, but any expenditure can be recouped as it can allow you to hold on to reliable tenants or attract new, good calibre ones.

Don't forget to make sure that your insurance policy covers you in your role of Landlord. It may be sensible also to remind your tenant that their existing home contents insurance may not cover the office equipment they are installing and it would be wise to check with their insurers. Tenants working from home may also require professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. As there is a lot to consider, it is worth talking to a professional. Call Westhill Insurance Services for advice from both the landlord and tenant perspective. Specialist home insurance is available, and it is a wise entrepreneur who checks it out – and a professional landlord who suggests it!

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Posted on 12th October, 2010