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When you Tweet, make sure you Tweet Securely

Take heed of a warning recently issued regarding the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you use these sites there is a good chance you could face a hike in your home insurance premiums in the future.

The move comes after a burglary ring in the USA targeted people who checked into Facebook and broadcast the fact that they were absent from home. A burglar's dream! Before they were apprehended, these clever thieves broke into 50 homes and stole over $100,000 worth of goods. Not a bad haul for a bit of social networking!

A site such as 'Places' on Facebook broadcasts people's locations on a platform which has 500 million users – you don't need to be an insurance expert to see the risk that this one site alone poses!

What happens in America usually comes over here – a theory which many believe. This could be the start of a very worrying trend in the US, a trend which would work just as well over here. If indeed it does, insurance providers will see this as a potential risk – and you can then be sure they will start pricing for it.

Here are three pieces of advice to reduce the risks involved in using social network sites:

>Never, ever post your home address or other personal information – such as home phone number on a social networking site.
>Do not follow people whom you do not know on social networks and always block others from seeing your profile if you do not know them.
>Turn off location-based service on Twitter and Facebook unless you absolutely have to use them. You can switch these off by going into your 'settings' or account to do this.

Sadly, social networking seems able to breed anti-social behaviour. So if you do have any worries regarding possible theft or burglary and wonder what impact this may have on your insurance, talk to Westhill Insurance Services. Pick up the phone and have a chat – that may seem a bit old fashioned to committed 'Tweeters' and social networking aficionados, but we believe it works!

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Posted on 27th September, 2010