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Independent research has shown that golfers really need to study whether their home and car insurance policies adequately cover their clubs. Golfing equipment is by no means cheap, and it is sensible to protect your clubs from theft and loss.

Typically comprehensive car insurance provides limited protection under 'personal belongings', but be warned that the cover is often low and may not be enough to replace a single three iron! Research indicates that half of policies available offer £100 or less for personal belongings, with 3% providing a limit of £500, and 3% covering to £1,000. You won't get much in the way of equipment for that.

However, take a look at your home insurance cover, check the personal possessions section - having your clubs included in your home insurance could enable them to be covered even when out of the house. Speak to Westhill Insurance Services to find out more about 'All Risks' cover.

Higher levels of coverage are available, but golfers must be careful to abide by the policy rules – for example, many stipulate that possessions must be kept in a locked car, completely out of sight. Read the small print carefully and stick to the rules.

The advice to golfers is to think carefully about your insurance, do not shy away from asking specific questions to ensure your clubs are covered. Talk to Westhill Insurance Services to make sure that when you make the investment in your clubs, they will be adequately protected. Checking the level of cover is vital, so take advice and get the best cover for you. That way the only eye-hand coordination you need worry about it your own, not that of some sneaky thief!

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Posted on 20th September, 2010