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Lights, Camera – Action!

New research has indicated that motorists behave erratically when confronted with speed cameras – typically slamming on the brakes or looking at the speedometer as soon as the camera looms into view. This probably is the same reaction we have when we always seem to feel or look guilty when going through Customs – even though you know you have done nothing wrong, you just seem to twitch!

Over 81% of respondents in a survey admitted they instantly checked their speedometer, instead of the road – and one in twenty admitted to braking suddenly which risks losing control of the vehicle, or a possible rear end shunt. One quipped it was better to check the speedometer than your reflection in the rear-view mirror! In reality, not a laughing matter, but we do seem to react strongly to speed cameras.

It is estimated that at least 28,000 road accidents have been triggered by the cameras since 2001 and nearly one in three motorists questioned said they had witnessed an accident or a near-miss as a result of other drivers' erratic behaviour when faced with one of the cameras. Almost a half of motorists questioned believed the camera diverts attention away from the other areas of driving – while one in ten claim that speed cameras actually increase the risk of an accident.

There are over 6,000 speed cameras in the UK and more than nine in ten drivers surveyed admitted to going over the speed limit, with one in seven speeding on a regular basis. If they are fixed location cameras it is easy to spot the local residents – they tend slow down in good time and accelerate away once past the camera, we've all seen it – or done it!

Speed cameras have been with us for almost 20 years and the feed-back seems to be that while they may reduce speed they may also impair driving ability – or at least impact on concentration.

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Posted on 20th September, 2010