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Points make prizes

“Points make prizes” – but not for fleet drivers.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 fleets are failing to recheck driving licenses after carrying out an initial check as to the validity, any restrictions and points on the licence. Around one fifth of companies that have undertaken checks do not plan to see if the status of any of their drivers changes in the future, even though advice is to do so every six months. Indeed this check needs to be taken more frequently if a driver has amassed a large number of points. In this case, points do not 'make prizes' – they can lead to a very nasty surprise indeed.

Checks can be made with the DVLA using software easily purchased and which will help fleet managers to identify potential problems with their drivers. Knowing how many points a driver has on his licence is important – not least for insurance purposes. Checking regularly is vital and guidelines indicate that a check is made annually for those with no points, every six months for those with 1-3, every three months for those with 4-7 and every month for those with 8-12 points.

Fleet managers need to keep a watch on the driving license status of their drivers and to inform their insurers if matters deteriorate significantly. Speak with a company who deal in fleet vehicle insurance as they can advise the best way forward, and for professional advice contact Westhill Insurance Services for guidance and assistance.

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Posted on 1st September, 2010