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Make sure your bicycle is safe

Make sure your bicycle is safe.........

Don't let thieves free-wheel on your bike!

Research has indicated that more than three quarters of UK adults have at least one bicycle in their household and that over a third of people who do not currently own a bike are considering buying one in the future. Amazingly, more than one quarter of cyclists have had at least one bicycle stolen in the past two years - a high proportion indeed. So just how can you keep your bike safe?

Firstly, make sure it is insured. Most home contents insurance cover bikes for theft outside the home as well as in the home – but it's a good idea to check the cover. More expensive bikes will need to be listed separately on a policy. Some insurers provide unlimited cover for bikes and some have a threshold on the value of the bike which can be included in the homes insurance cover. If in doubt, speak with a professional insurance company and make sure you are covered.

Cycling is becoming a very popular activity – especially at this time of year when we hope for warmer and lighter evenings. So, once you are sure your bike is properly insured there are a few steps you can take to keep your bike safe.

> If you leave your bike in a shed, make sure it is padlocked inside the shed and that the shed is also locked

> If leaving a bicycle in the garage, close the garage door so the bicycle cannot be seen

> If your bike has quick release wheels, remember to chain up both the front and back wheels to avoid them being stolen

> Make a note of the model and serial number of the bike in case these are needed for police records

> Remember to carry a padlock when you are out and about and lock it even if leaving the bike for a few moments.

Not only a good means of keeping fit, cycling is good for the planet and allows you to be able to take in the beauty of the countryside as you free-wheel along the lanes. Just remember to keep the padlock to hand so that when you stop for that much needed refreshing drink you can make sure your bike is still there when you return!

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Posted on 27th August, 2010