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The Top Spot for having no insurance goes to..

The Top Spot for having no insurance goes to............

The 2009 list of the UK's top regional hot spots for drivers being on the road without insurance has just been issued. A close look at the figures does reveal progress in the fight against uninsured driving, with a 20% reduction in the number of uninsured vehicles on the UK roads over the past four years, from 1.8 million to 1.5 million. This is still an awfully high percentage of cars with the ability to cause an awful lot of headaches. In order of 'merit' the hot spots are:

Number 1 Hotspot: (Barkerend, Bradford) West Yorkshire
Number 2 Hotspot: (West Gorton, Manchester) Greater Manchester
Number 3 Hotspot: (Small Heath, Birmingham) West Midlands
Number 4 Hotspot: (Handsworth, Birmingham) West Midlands
Number 5 Hotspot: (Saltley, Birmingham) West Midlands

Barkerend in Bradford has now retained the top spot for the last 13 years! Although Barkerend appears to show little improvement, police are targeting the postcode associated with this and anyone looking to drive without insurance in the BD3 postcode area should beware – and there have been improvements in the statistics already!

In addition to postcode ratings, data about the level of uninsured driving in each police area has also been made available. The Metropolitan area is top of the pops, with one in ten vehicles estimated to be uninsured – making it twice as likely for drivers in London to have an accident with an uninsured motorist. So if the congestion zone doesn't put you off a visit to the great Metropolis, being hit by an uninsured driver may just do so. The top worst five offending police regions are:

Metropolitan (11%)
Merseyside (10%)
Greater Manchester (8%)
West Midlands (6%)
West Yorkshire (6%)

With 23,000 people injured and 160 killed every year by uninsured drivers, it is clear that there is a still a lot of work to be done.

Driving without insurance is a criminal offence and police forces across the UK are committed to reducing the number of uninsured drivers on the roads. Using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, which links to information on the Motor Insurance Database (the only central record of insured vehicles in the UK), police are able to detect and seize uninsured vehicles at the roadside.

Police report that 180,000 vehicles were seized last year, taking the total to over 600,000 since the laws were introduced in 2005. Last year, 194,000 people were convicted in a Court of Law for uninsured driving, which is actually one every three minutes!

Apart from having your car taken away, driving without insurance can result in a £200 fixed penalty, 6 points on your licence, £150 car recovery charge – and you will need to purchase car insurance before you can liberate your vehicle from the pound. If you fail to collect your vehicle within 14 days (and a whopping 40% do not bother), then your car is crushed – or sold.

In these times of financial hardship, not insuring your car is simply not an option. Speak with a professional insurance company who can steer you in the direction of the right insurance for you. Try to avoid the online sites which can fail to ask you extremely relevant questions, which in turn can result in you failing to declare information which may then lead to your insurance being null and void in the event of a claim. Take good advice and tighten your belt in other areas, not having insurance – or insufficient cover for your needs is not worth the risk: technology today is so advanced you won't get away with not having insurance, so don't even try.

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Posted on 26th August, 2010