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The key to keeping your property safe

The key to keeping your property safe

Never trust a second hand car salesman or a letting or estate agent. This is a sweeping statement, but one which was recently proven to be a sage piece of advice – at least with regard to letting agents.

One 19 year old man who worked for a Harrow agent has been found guilty of stealing jewellery, mobile phones and computers – by sneaking into homes rented out by his employers, using keys left with him by the property owners.

A survey has recently shown that over 100 millions sets of spare keys are in circulation in the UK at any one time. The findings indicate that the average British household has four sets of spare keys! The main holders of these spare sets are children – including those who no longer live at home (27%) and other non-resident family members such as parents (25%). Neighbours hold approximately 11% of spare keys. 10% of people say they never take the keys back from their ex, 9% have given keys to friends, 6% to their boyfriend or girlfriend and 3% to their cleaner.

Over one million households admit to having forgotten to retrieve spare sets of keys – or can't remember whether they did or not! However, most people don't realise that if you fail to take care of your property – including keys – it could potentially invalidate your insurance. So if you have any concerns at all about missing or misplaced sets of keys – change your locks as soon as possible.

Locks are expensive, but you could consider swapping Yale locks with a friend and keeping a tight rein on your keys from thereon. That way you can sleep easy!

So protect your property and make sure you know where your keys are – and who has access to them. Check that you are fully covered under the terms of your insurance policy against theft and damage to your property. You may not be able to trust a car salesman or an estate agent – but you can trust a professional insurance company – even with your keys!

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Posted on 19th August, 2010