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Goodness, gracious – great balls of fire!

Goodness, gracious – great balls of fire!

Imagine the horror of watching your house burn– and all for the sake of a glass paperweight! A spherical glass paperweight which cost £4.00 set fire to a one million home – leaving it a complete wreck. It's a sharp lesson in ensuring that your property insurance is adequate and up-to-date.

The paperweight started the fire as it magnified sunbeams to set light to a pile of books in a conservatory last month. The fire caused the roof to collapse through to the ground floor swimming pool and the damage will cost at least £300,000 to put right.

Twenty firemen took five hours to extinguish the blaze – and the pond in the Derbyshire village where the house is situated was drained to provide water. The couple who own the property lost everything they possess but were thankful no one was hurt. Luckily for them, their insurance will cover the costs.

Good cover can seem expensive but if you seek the advice of a professional insurance company, they can guide you through the labyrinth of requirements and can show you ways to save on your premiums. Meanwhile, a few points to bear in mind to help with reducing your premiums are:

Keep your record good
You receive a no-claims bonus, so if you are entitled to claim for a small amount it may be worth not doing so and keeping your bonus

Take stock of your excess
If adding £500 to your excess reduces your premiums by £250 a year, it probably makes sense

Make sure you are secure
Put strong locks on all doors and windows and add a good burglar alarm system

Join the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
If someone is keeping an eye on your premises you are less likely to be burgled

Make valuables secure
A safe will keep things more secure than a jewellery box – and your insurer will probably reduce theft premiums

And perhaps, if you need a paperweight, try a brick!

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Posted on 14th August, 2010