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Watch that bike!

Now the sun is shining, motorbike enthusiasts will be taking to the roads – but make sure you are covered by more than just your leathers! Insurance policies need not cost the earth if you follow a few fundamental rules.

Statistics show that more than 70 motorbikes are written off and a further 36 reported stolen everyday so it is vital that you are covered by a good insurance policy – but just what do motorcyclists need to consider in order to keep down their premiums?

>Don't claim for everything – if you make a claim on your motorbike insurance, not only will you have to pay an excess but your premium is likely to rise in the future as a result. If you have a minor accident on your motorbike, and the repairs don't cost much more than your excess, consider paying the costs yourself.

>Go for a less powerful motorbike – the more powerful the bike, the faster you can go – and the more likely (technically) you are to be involved in an accident. Check before you buy a bike how much it will cost to insure, then perhaps chose a less powerful model.

>Keep your bike safe – if you have a decent anti-theft device installed on your motorbike and you keep it in a locked garage overnight, it will reduce the cost of your insurance. Most insurers will want to know that your security devices such as immobilisers, heavy duty locks and ground-anchors are Thatcham approved.

>Become a better rider – yes, you know you're the best!... but – an advanced riding qualification can also reduce your premiums by as much as 10%. Any biker can take the Blue Riband advanced rider course through the British Motorcycling Federation (you will need to retake the test every three years).

>If you are planning to take the bike abroad - make sure you tell your insurers before you head off as cover is essential for trips around mainland Europe. Those who fail to do this could find they are not covered in the event of an accident.

The key to avoiding problems is to check your insurance policy properly – remember to advise the insurers if there are any modifications to the bike – and make sure that you deal with a professional insurance company who can advise you on exactly what you require to avoid problems. Some companies can offer specialist advice as motorbikes do differ from cars – not only do they have less wheels, they are attractive to thieves, as well as ladies who love men in leathers! So take the time to discuss with a professional insurance advisor exactly what you need to keep your lean machine on the road and have a safe and happy summer enjoying the highways and byways.

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Posted on 10th July, 2010