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If you lose your car, would you also lose your marbles?

If you lose your car, would you also lose your marbles?

Most people don't want to think about it, but how would you carry on your everyday life if your car was stolen – or written off in an accident? Just how would you manage to get to work, cope with the shopping, take the children to school etc? You may be forgiven for thinking that your insurer would take care of your needs and make an effort to make the whole thing less painful. However, new research shows that some fall very short of being perfect. Only 23% of car insurance policies would offer you a courtesy car as standard!

Recent research has highlighted huge differences amongst comprehensive motor insurance policies in relation to courtesy cars. You really need to check carefully the details of your policy to ensure that you receive the cover you expect. For example:

Only 23% of policies offer a courtesy car as standard

49% of policies will not provide a courtesy car

28% offer a courtesy car if selected as an optional extra at the time of purchase

So don't automatically assume you will have the use of a replacement vehicle – you could be left stranded!

Research went on to tell us that:

Courtesy car provision is of the greatest importance to the 35 to 44 year old age group – particularly for those with children. Unsurprisingly, the comments most made were that the provision of a courtesy car from when the claim is registered until the claim has been settled, as well as a courtesy car while the vehicle is being repaired, both appear in the top 10 most important features.

Consumers with a higher level of No Claims Discount place greater importance on guaranteed availability of a courtesy car, provision of a car while theirs is repaired and having a courtesy car from the time the claim is registered until settled. Not used to being without a car, No Claims Discount drivers are most likely to double-check their policy to make certain that they have the ability to use a replacement vehicle should their own be off the road.

When you are buying your policy, make sure you are aware of the provider's courtesy car provision. Finding out that a courtesy car is not available when you need one could prove to be extremely costly – especially if you have to hire a car to continue your day to day activities. So always check, ask a reputable insurance company exactly what is available should you need a replacement 'chariot' and watch out for those on-line deals – they so often do not cover you for a replacement vehicle.

Posted on 30th May, 2010