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Safety Packs - Better Safe Than Sorry

The better fleet management and contract hire companies supply a safety pack with each vehicle they deliver. Some provide this free of charge, others ask for payment. Whichever, the idea is sound and a good safety pack will contain the following:

> Jump leads
> Fire extinguisher
> Yellow reflective jacket for use in breakdowns at night and on motorways
> Window hammer to break the window in the event of an accident
> Torch
> Flashing warning lamp
> De-icer
> Screen wash fluid
> First aid kit
> Warning triangle (required in EU countries)
> Spare bulbs (also compulsory in some EU countries)
> A disposable camera

Fleet managers should ensure that drivers know how to use all the items provided – such as jump leads and a first aid kit. Health & Safety legislation requires this. The disposable camera is very useful for photographing accident damage.

As well as the above, it is good practice to have a sealed pack in each company car containing accident report forms, a disposable camera, a pen, film processing envelope and witness detail sheets. Murphy's Law decrees that if these are on board each vehicle, they will probably never be needed!

It is good fleet management practice to advise drivers to prepare their vehicles for the winter, whilst all years round care involves ensuring the vehicle servicing is up to date. Brakes, lights, indicators, steering and tyres should all be checked before each journey – it's not very likely that this will happen, but is important before long journeys are undertaken. Just getting the mind set of the driver to treat the vehicle as his own will result in more care being taken, leading to a more safety conscious driver.

Posted on 7th April, 2010