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Improve home and personal security

At the start of January TV presenter Myleene Klass received a warning from police for waving a knife at would-be intruders. This week singer Susan Boyle discovered an intruder in her home, so what can be done to improve home and personal security?

Simple things can be effective for example a very visible alarm system or keeping your garden in check making your house visible. Always check the back of your house or any areas that are secluded as that will help the burglar go undetected.

Keep your garden clear of tools and make sure your shed is well secured as burglars often use tools found at the property to aid their break in. As well as your visible alarm, movement sensitive lights will put off burglars who are hoping for the cover of darkness to do their work.

Fitting new up to date locks will also improve your security, many insurers offer additional discounts for different types of locks. Window locks are also considered on insurance quotes, so if your thinking of upgrading, make sure your windows come with locks fitted.

Keep valuables out of the way in an unlikely place and keep car keys in a drawer, preferable in your bedroom. Kids bedrooms are good to tuck valuables away in as a burglar isn't so likely to look there and kids rooms are messy so it would be hard to find them.

For personal safety a good personal alarm will deter many would-be thieves as the last thing they need is a lot of nose alerting your neighbours as to what is going on.

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Posted on 27th January, 2010