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First time buyer woes

It's Catch 22, house prices are at an affordable level for first time buyers, however they still can't get on the property ladder thanks to the huge deposits needed to secure a mortgage.

Buyers may well be able to afford £100,000 mortgages but trying to save up the 20 – 35 per cent deposit is almost impossible. Most couples are renting at the moment and by the time they pay rent, bills and afford to live, saving up approximately £25,000 is tough going.

A lot of first time buyers can borrow the huge amount of cash from their parents or a relative but not everyone is that lucky. The average age of a first time buyer is 31 but the average age of a first time buyer who is funding the sale all by themselves has risen from 33 to 37 over the last two years.

There are mortgage products out there which, if you can afford the big deposit, will give you better rates. Some banks are offering a 95 per cent mortgage but then the interest rate is 6.99 per cent. No matter what way you look at it first time buyers are finding it a very hard market at the moment.

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Posted on 14th January, 2010