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Bike safe

With the roads in bad condition at the moment very few motorcyclists will be venturing out and you can't really blame them, it's not ideal biking weather. However it is a good time for bikers to look at what options are available for further training.

Not only will these courses help improve your riding but they may also help lower your insurance premium.

Bikewise is one of the most recogonised programmes, it covers all types of riders, from children to ladies, even advanced riders. The scheme also helps riders with advice on how to lower their insurance premiums.

The Motor Cycle Industry (MCI) has given an award to Grip Top, a product that offers increased levels of grip when placed over access covers and gratings. This reduces the chance of a motorcyclist skidding on the road surface. The MCI has found that motorcyclists are vulnerable to changes in grip levels which can cause them to lose control of their machines so Grip Top has helped reduce those kinds of accidents.

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Posted on 30th December, 2009