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Weather warnings

Winter is officially upon us with weather warnings in place for later this week. It is time to batten down the hatches before winter can get to our homes and cars.

With the weather set to turn at any moment you need to get your DIY up to date as it could well save a claim on your home insurance. If your gutterings are full, get them cleared. If you have loose tiles on the roof, now is the time to have them secured. If you have any damaged windows or glass, then they need to be fixed before the worst of the frosts begin.

Flooding has been a big problem over the past couple of years and if you are in a flood risk area make sure you have all your defences at the ready. Getting put on a flood warning system is useful so you can have some advance warning before it strikes.

Of course flood insurance is vital if you are in a high risk area. It is better to be up front with your insurer when it comes to flooding. Hiding the fact will only lead to a null and void policy, which is of no use to you when you have to replace all your belongings and repair your home.

Now that you've got your house sorted out you need to look at your car and make sure your travel plans are weather proof. Driving in bad weather is very tiring so make sure you are well rested before embarking on a long trip.

Get up to date weather reports before leaving so you know what lies ahead of you. Once you have all your planning done make sure your car is in tip top condition. Tyres pressures should be correct and all fluids topped as you'll need to be able to keep your screen clear. Make sure your lights and mirrors are clean and clear so you can see easily and others can see you.

Before leaving on your trip make sure your mobile is fully charged, you've got plenty of fuel, some blankets and warm clothes just in case of a break down. If the weather is really bad it is better to postpone your trip rather than have it going wrong.

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Posted on 15th December, 2009