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Losing it

Lost luggage can be the bane of any traveller's life so travel insurance is a must just in case you do lose it.

When you add up what the contents of your luggage cost you will be surprised, add to that the inconvenience caused. On average a man's suitcase contents will be worth £1000 and a woman's £1200. Now imagine if you were getting married abroad, how many valuables would you have in your suit case then?

If you can take all of your valuable items in your hand luggage that way they can't be pinched from your suitcase or lost should your case go walkabout. With most budget airlines you can add travel insurance on as an option for that trip but many people don't bother to try and save on cost, add to that the extra cover you could get even on a cheaper policy.

Good travel insurance will cover you no matter what happens, lost luggage, delayed flights, hotel issues and of course injury cover. If you have an accident abroad and don't have insurance you will have to pay for all of your treatment. That includes paying for the ambulance coming to pick you up should you have an accident. It could turn into a very expensive holiday.

Westhill Insurance can provide you with excellent travel insurance which will look after you no matter what happens. Talk to one of its friendly advisors regarding the type of holiday you are going on to ensure you get the correct level of cover. A straight forward beach holiday will need less cover than a motorcycling holiday for example.

Simply visit www.westhill-insurance.co.uk and click on "we'll call you," to have one of the friendly operators call and talk you through a suitable policy.

Westhill Insurance covers bike insurance, car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, business insurance, let property insurance, commercial insurance or even public liability insurance. It is willing to talk with you and come up with a tailor-made deal to suit. In the current climate of financial and insurance crisis Westhill Insurance understands the fear of dealing with a large impersonal, unaccountable organisation and sets itself apart as the broker you can speak to and trust.

For more information on Westhill Insurance or a quote, visit www.westhill-insurance.co.uk or call on 0844 371 7000 Mon – Fri 0900-1730 and Sat 0900-1300.

Posted on 9th December, 2009