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Building bridges

Following the horrific floods in Cumbria, the town of Workington is finally reunited thanks to a footbridge built by the army.

The town was hit by flash floods which left people to be rescued from their roofs. The new bridge will go a long way to getting the town back on its feet as the clean-up process continues.

This is when home owners look to their insurance to get back on their feet home. If you live in a flood risk area then flood insurance is a must have. Many people try to keep it quiet and not tell their home insurer about the risk, which does save money initially but in the longer term it could lead to a big bill, or you losing everything.

Bespoke flood insurance could save you a lot of trouble if the worst was to happen. Imagine replacing all flooring, furnishings and appliances, not to mention getting the water damage dried out and repaired. Many insurers offer alternative accommodation whilst your home is taken care of. It would take a lot to replace everything and put a lot of stress on your finances.

Flood insurance will take care of these issues and as soon as it goes wrong you can get advice from your insurer regarding what to do next to salvage your home.

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Posted on 9th December, 2009