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Winter driving hints and tips

Winter is a tough time to be on the roads as you just never know what the British weather is likely to chuck at you.

When you are partying hard over the festive season the chances are you will be tired from all the late nights. If you are feeling fatigued and have a long drive ahead in difficult conditions then perhaps you should wait until you're feeling more refreshed. You need to concentrate especially in tricky weather such as rain or snow, so think about how you feel before you leave.

Tyre pressures are important especially in slippery and wet conditions so check you are running the correct pressures. Always wear your seat belt, it is compulsory but a lot of people still don't bother, even if you have a small shunt it can save you from injury.

It is worth checking weather reports and planning your trip because the last thing you want to do is get stranded on the way to see loved ones. Before you hit the road have a good idea how long the trip will take and give your family an Estimated Time of Arrival so they know when to expect you.

Make sure you have plenty of fuel, your mobile fully charged and some blankets and warm clothes to hand just in case you breakdown.

Last winter the UK had a blanket of snow to deal with for a large part of January. Snow isn't something that we Brits are used to dealing with so learning to drive in snow is important. With snow you need to do everything slowly to avoid skidding. Accelerate and brake gently, also plan ahead if you see a red light looming start slowing down much earlier than you usually would.

Drive slowly as this gives you time to react and know when your brakes will start to kick in so you can judge your stopping distance. Try not to stop in the snow as it can be hard to get moving again if you can keep rolling it is much better. If the weather is really bad then simply stay at home, it might be frustrating but it is better than crashing or getting stranded. A night at home is better than a night in your car.

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Posted on 2nd December, 2009