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How inviting

Ladies do tend to get a better deal on car insurance than men simply because they are seen as less reckless. However, ladies are letting the side down by leaving valuables on display in their vehicle whilst parked.

Usually drivers are told off for leaving Sat Nav's, DVD players and mobile phones on display but ladies leave other expensive items without a second thought.

Designer handbags worth £250, bags of expensive shopping with labels on show, pricey shoes and perfumes are also abandoned. They may not be as good as the electricals usually left on display but they are still worth a lot of money and to an opportunist thief it could give them a really good haul.

Shoes are one of the most popular things for women to leave in their vehicles and in some cases up to four pairs are left. Theft aside items left loose in a car can be dangerous when driving, the last thing you need is a discarded hair brush rolling under your brake pedal.

A break in is never fun but if you entice thieves by leaving all your valuables on display it comes down to "what did you expect." Harsh but true.

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Posted on 28th November, 2009