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Interesting Insurance claims

Insurance of any sort is seen as a perhaps unwelcome necessity or a necessary evil. You know if you haven't got it you'll need it and when you've got it you'll never use it. However, sometimes insurance has its plus sides and that is the amusing claims that come in.

Whether these are true, or more likely to be urban legends, they are certainly funny.

An unlucky driver parked at the road side only to have a “Wicked Witch of the East,” experience when a mobile home fell off the back of the truck and landed on the car.

One claim came in from a driver who managed to drive into a bus parked at the end of his driveway. He claimed against the driver stating that he caused the crash by pulling up five minutes early.

An insurance claim which didn't pay out was thanks to a broken down washing machine. The home owner set it running and then went away for a weekend. The owner didn't know that the washing machine was broken and it got stuck in a boil wash cycle steaming the kitchen all weekend....

One van driver was recovered after his van broke down, only to have the van fall off the back of the recovery vehicle whilst going round a round about. Maybe it just wasn't his day?

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Posted on 18th November, 2009