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Car lies

“A little white lie, where's the harm?” that's the notion a lot of people have but the harm can be invalidating your insurance.

You would be amazed at how many people lie in the hope that it will reduce their car insurance.

The biggest white lie from British motorists is about where your car is parked over night. Most people pretend it is somewhere much more secure in the hope that it will lower their premium. Annual mileage is another grey area as is the vehicle usage. If your policy doesn't cover business use technically you aren't covered when driving to work.

More worryingly though is that people don't give the correct address as they may live in a high risk area, they also omit points on their license and any criminal convictions all of which are pretty major omissions. Not to mention the extra convictions for not holding valid insurance.

Young drivers are the main culprits, telling fibs about where they park, how far they drive and what their car is used for. A white lie may bring your insurance down but if you have a prang and your information isn't valid then you will have a lot of costs to cover if your insurance won't pay out.

Westhill Insurance has a superb car insurance offer available at the moment which is suitable for young drivers or ones with a couple of convictions. It will also let you keep a fixed rate for three years so you know exactly what you're out goings are, and this is all payable over interest free direct debit.

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Posted on 16th November, 2009