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If YOU can break in, so can they?

If you were to lock yourself out your house, could you get back in? Is there a weak point that you know of, which will allow you to get in? Well if you can break in what's to stop someone else?

Home security is vital and it's your responsibility to look after your residence. If there is a very obvious way into your home then it could make your insurance void if the worst happens.

Most people will admit that they can break into their home in approximately 15 minutes. The most popular way to get back inside is to climb through an open window that really should have been shut.

You don't need to live in Fort Knox, but it's a good idea to get a hold on your security measures. A lot of burglaries are opportunistic so if you leave a door or window open while you pop out you could well be in for a shock when you get back. A home with no alarm is an easy target for any would-be burglar.

Window locks, an alarm and some security lights will work wonders when it comes to putting burglars off. Plus additional security is looked on favourably by your insurer and will help lower your home insurance premium.

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Posted on 12th November, 2009