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Covered for winter fun

When you are careering down the side of a mountain on your skies, travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind, however all it takes is one wrong move and you could be finding out just how good your cover is. Remember seeing all those people in casts or on crutches....

Winter sports are dangerous and if you are going to indulge in them then you need to make sure you have adequate travel insurance. Ticking the insurance box when you book your flights won't be enough should you have a skiing accident.

It's not just the cost of foreign hospitals but its repatriation costs too if you need to be flown home under medical supervision. So when you are looking at travel insurance make sure you state what you are planning on doing whilst away just to make sure you have adequate cover.

Although there is an element of danger winter sports are apparently as safe as any other sport with only three people out of 1000 needing medical attention. As winter sports have become more popular the injury risk has actually decreased thanks to developments in equipment and release bindings. Although this doesn't remove the need for travel insurance, as accidents still happen.

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Posted on 6th November, 2009