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Separate bookings could lead to no travel insurance

With the huge increase in budget travel all of which can be easily booked on line, more and more people are neglecting their travel insurance.

You can now book your flight with one web site, your hotel with another and a hire a car via yet another. With everything being split up and not coordinated by a travel agent, suitable insurance for the various parts of the trip can be missed out.

This new found independence is good in that travel is now more accessible and people can go visit family more readily rather than restricting travel to two weeks in the summer for the traditional holiday.

With the travel agent redundant in these cases it does mean that if your trip goes wrong then the responsibility of correcting it lies with you. You won't have the same back up and if you haven't taken out the correct travel insurance you could be stuck if a flight gets cancelled. A package holiday will have different cover to a DIY effort and you give you more of a fall back.

Booking yourself is usually the cheaper option and if you go for it then fair enough but make sure you tell your insurer exactly what your plan is and ask their advice on the best cover. The last thing you want is to end up in deepest, darkest Peru with no luggage, a bad hotel and a cancelled flight home.

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Posted on 23rd October, 2009