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Buy-to-let come back

The housing market has been one of the hardest hit by the global economic crisis but it's finally showing signs of recovery. Tenants are starting to increase in numbers and take up the slack in the privately rented properties which had been flooding the market.

The Association of Residential Letting Agents believes that supply and demand is now in balance. ARLA members who have signed up 10 or more tenancies has increased, and so have the number of tenants. So it looks like more people are starting to rent which is helping to stabilize the market.

House sales have also started to increase which means there are less residential properties coming to the rental market previously helped by lack of sales.

Landlords in the South East have actually seen things go to the other extreme where there are more tenants than properties, now that really is a turn around. The length of time that rental properties are empty for has also decreased, so it is all good news for Landlords at the moment.

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Posted on 13th October, 2009