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Uninsured drivers in decline

With the current economic climate and everyone feeling the pinch, people have been trying to cut down on spending and one area that they have reigned in on, is purchasing car insurance.

Perhaps not the wisest of decisions but one that seems to now be in decline which is a relief for everyone on the roads. If you are involved in a crash it's not your own vehicle you should be worried about, it's the other driver you hit! On top of that uninsured drivers push up costs for everyone's insurance, so it's good news to hear that this costly pursuit is decreasing.

The Government has been working hard to clamp down on uninsured car drivers and has put a Motor Insurance Data base in place, which police use to check quickly and effectively. Since the inception of this scheme the police have seized 185,000 cars and vans so far this year and prosecuted 300,000 drivers.

This improved monitoring has managed to crack even the most hard core of uninsured drivers who had previously evaded the system. If you own a car and it isn't insured you can be fined up to £1000 and that is even if you don't drive it. It may seem harsh but considering the amount of chaos one uninsured driver can cause, it's definitely worth it.

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Posted on 9th October, 2009