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Christmas cover

It may only be September but there are Christmas cards in the shops already and it is just 13 weeks to the big day. With burglaries on the increase because of the credit crunch you can be guaranteed that burglaries will rocket around the Christmas period when they start to target your expensive Christmas presents.

If you are going on a mad spending spree for expensive presents then it is a good idea to make sure your home insurance will cover you if the worst happens.

The cost of presents soon adds up and you need to remember that items costing over £1500 should be specified on your home insurance. It is worth checking your home insurance in the run up to Christmas, just in case you get caught out.

Keep presents out of sight, leaving them under the tree is a nice idea but if they can be easily seen then it's just encouraging a break-in. Try and put them in a cupboard or even stash them in the loft – who is going to look there?

Leaving a light or the TV on while you are out is s good way to make your home look occupied even if you are out visiting friends. It is also a good idea to check your downstairs windows and doors are well secured.

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Posted on 25th September, 2009