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Car industry recovery

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It seems that the Government's Car Scrappage scheme has actually worked and the car industry is showing some signs of recovery.

There is still a long way to go yet as the number of new cars made in the UK is still 17.9 per cent down in July compared to last year, but that is the smallest drop this year showing that the decline is slowing up.

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has attributed this to the car scrappage scheme both in the UK and in Europe. Although the number of cars produced has dropped from 2008 there has been an increase from June to July this year which can only be seen as positive.

The scrappage scheme was greeted initially with a mixed reaction but now several months in, it's starting to pay off. The idea is simple, if you have a car of ten years old or older and want to purchase a new vehicle, the Government will provide £1000 against the cost of your new car and the car industry will match that giving you a total of £2000 off, providing your old car is scrapped.

Some manufacturers are really taking advantage of the scheme and tweaking it to suit and make their product more attractive. Take Nissan for example, they are offering the same deal but on eight year old cars with a trade in discount of £2000 providing you are buying one of their British built cars.

Now is a good time to buy and with interest rates at an all time low you could get a real bargain. Most car sales finance deals run over three years, so while you are budgeting for that why not look at Westhill's new car insurance scheme? Not only can you get a quick quote on-line but you can have one of their operators call you and talk you through the policy as they like to provide the personal touch.

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If you aren't so young but perhaps have had a little run in with the law or another driver, this deal can work for you as it allows for up to two accidents and two convictions with no extra charge. With the UK being speed camera happy just about everyone and their granny has a few points on the license and Westhill is still able to give a cost effective quote despite this.

To make life easy for everyone this policy can run over three years at a fixed rate so you don't need to worry about a sudden price hike. Plus if you are budgeting for a new car on the Government's car scrappage scheme you can budget for your insurance too, with a price that doesn't increase.

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Posted on 24th August, 2009