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Affording a home

Although house prices have tumbled due to the recession, there is still a large number of people who can't afford to purchase a home.

At the moment the UK is amongst the worst in Europe when it comes to a shortage of affordable housing. House prices in the UK have actually doubled since 1995 leaving people in expensive areas struggling to buy.

Ironically now is a good time to buy if you can get a mortgage as interest rates are so low. Trying to get a foot hold on the property ladder is tough and once you get there you will have all the trappings of a home to pay for too.

Westhill Insurance understands how financially tough it is out there at the moment and works hard to provide home insurance at a suitable price. Specialising in the home insurance field, Westhill Insurance is one of just 130 brokers who has been invited to take part in a business scheme which gives it access to keen deals which other insurers simply can't match.

If you need advice on what cover you need or which policy you should take out then simply get in touch and a friendly advisor will be able to guide you. Westhill prides itself on customer service and will ensure you have the correct policy at a good price.

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Westhill Insurance covers bike insurance, car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, business insurance, let property insurance, commercial insurance and public liability insurance. It is willing to talk with you and come up with a tailor-made deal to suit. In the current climate of financial and insurance crisis Westhill Insurance understands the fear of dealing with a large impersonal, unaccountable organisation and sets itself apart as the broker you can speak to and trust.

Posted on 18th August, 2009