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Lost luggage

When you arrive at your holiday destination and stand patiently at the luggage carousel waiting and waiting and waiting for your luggage...which doesn't arrive, its at that point you need to hope you have good travel insurance.

With low cost flights more readily available a lot more people are travelling which means more luggage is going walkabout. Approximately 20 million items of luggage go missing every year leaving the owners with only the clothes they traveled in.

Expensive items in luggage can also be stolen, with sunglasses, hair straightners and cameras being targeted by light fingered operators. If either situation occurs it can be expensive to start replacing the items in question and that is why it is a good idea to take out travel insurance.

It is also worth checking if your actual luggage is covered as some policies don't cover such situations and therefore wouldn't pay out if your luggage did get lost. Making sure your luggage is well labeled and secured will help prevent it going missing and being tampered with.

Our travel insurance policies offer a wide choice of options to suit individual needs:

    Single and Multi-Trip Cover available Medical Expenses Hospital Benefit Personal Accident Personal Belongings Money & Documents Loss of Passport Missed Departure Personal Liability

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Westhill Insurance also offers a wide range of household insurance policies to suit everyone's needs.

Why Westhill for Holiday Travel Insurance?

With budget airlines having flights to here, there and everywhere, cheap travel has never been so accessible. With that in mind Westhill is determined to provide cheap but comprehensive Holiday Travel Insurance for its customers.

No matter what your plans are, from a business trip to an adventure of a lifetime Westhill will be on hand to assist with your Holiday Travel Insurance. Our experienced panel of insurers will ensure your policy is perfect for you so you can go scuba diving in the sunshine, or skiing in the snow, without a care in the world.

Posted on 13th August, 2009